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Fibreglass Moulding

Step by Step Process of Fibreglass Moulding

steps in fibreglass mouldingFibreglass moulding is the process where resin plastics are reinforced with fiberglass. It has very rigorous step-by-step process that needs a lot of time and knowledge of those who will be engage on it. If properly fibreglass moulding done, it can produce a very useful objects.

Fibreglass moulding can be done in these 5 steps:

  1. Start by creating a plug (or buck). Plug is like a blueprint of the object to be made. It should have an exact shape and size of the object. Foam is the most commonly used material in making a plug in fibreglass moulding.
  2. Spray a release agent like special wax or polyvinyl alcohol to the mold. This is necessary so fibreglass mouldingthat the object that will be created can be separated to the plug when it is done.
  3. Apply gelcoat. Gelcoat is a pigmented resin that will give the mold a harder surface and more durable object output.
  4. Lay–up layers of fibreglass and resin to the surface. The fiberglass layering must be identical to the one that will be used in the final product. Also, while layering, make sure to remove air bubbles through the use of moulding rollers. If not totally remove, air bubbles will reduce strength of the object that will be created.
  5. Lastly, allow the resin to cure and set-up. After that, use a wedge in separating the mold to the plug. Resin transfer moulding method could also be used it this step. This how to do fibreglass moulding.

Just for a note, each step should be done properly and with care in order to have a perfect final object.

The end product of fibreglass moulding is called “carbon fibre reinforced plastic”. These objects are lightweight, high in strength, and extremely rigid. Also, they are less expensive than carbon fibre that makes perfect fit for cutting-in-cost consumers.

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