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Fiberglass Insulation

What’s Cool About Fiberglass Insulation?

fiberglass insulation systemOne of the most alarming and talked about issue in the modern age is the need to find solutions in the energy crisis the world is experiencing. Several nations have been looking for concrete and reliable solutions for so long. One of these solutions that were formulated for this problem is the use of building insulation to save the energy spent on heating and cooling several structures.

This home improvement option is popular, not just in the US, but in other countries as well. It has been one of the most immediate responses to the need for change; a change that is said to yield the cure for such dilemma.

This procedure includes the use of fiberglass insulation that is done for the construction requirements of a building. During the construction, the fiberglass insulation is packaged into rolls installed along the walls and ceiling of a building.

Fiberglass, the material used for the insulation, is made from molten glass spun into fine fibers, which gives the material a high area to weight surface ratio and causes it to be cost effective, lightweight, and a good option for both commercial and residential application.

fiberglass insulationThe material was first used for insulation during the 1960s and 1970s when there is a widespread awareness in the carcinogenic properties of asbestos, its primary competitor. Because of the findings of the studies which shows that this material is safer than asbestos, it served as an alternative to the latter since then.

A bundle of fiberglass together is an excellent way to trap heat. Thus, making a fiberglass insulated building better in maintaining a specific temperature compared to a non-insulated one and eventually less costly. This is why fiberglass insulation has been also an effective way in reducing sound.

Lastly, fiberglass insulation is definitely incomparable to any other type of retrofit insulation for it saves not only a man’s wallet but also his environment – the environment that belongs not to them, but to the next generations.


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